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10 Year Plan to change DOCTRINES, TEACHINGS & BOOKS

The Faithful Slave will soon refer to all Christians "taking the lead" in the Organization, not referring to solely anointed Christians. The Evil Slave may refer to the Governing Body of today in the event legal issues cause them to completely disband. Otherwise, the evil slave will simply refer to wicked men who manage to take the lead in Jehovah's Organization today.

The Revelation prophecies and Isaiah and Daniel prophecies will be completely rebranded and diluted to refer to more "faith strengthening" lessons on how Jehovah would help his people during the Last Days and into the 1000 year reign of Christ.

The memorial of Christ's death will no longer be observed by all of Jehovah's Witnesses, only the "anointed".

Christmas, Easter, Halloween, and the like will still be rejected however more clarification will be given that a Christian can choose to join non witness relatives on their holiday celebrations with an opportunity to "give an alternative witness" to them by non participation in holiday rituals.

The New World Translation will be revised again by 2033.

The Song Book will again be revised by 2033.

No more new printed publications will be produced after 2034, everything will be made available online. JWs will instead have the NWT, the Song Book, Midweek and weekend meeting schedules, and a set number of pamphlets. The public magazines will no longer be published after 2033. From 2034 onwards, the Watchtower Study Edition will be larger, with more supplementary articles for children, adolescents, and non JWs reading along at the meetings.

The 1914 doctrine will be abandoned last

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