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The Peak Publishers number is stagnant with only a slight increase of 100k for the past 5 years, that would seem to indicate that the religion has finally peaked at 8,7 million and we are not to expect any significant further increase in the near future.

MEMORIAL PARTAKERS is another metric that is not indicative of growth but gives us an inside view of one of the most troubling doctrines of the Watchtower. .Based on Watchtower theology this number should have been near zero since the generation that saw the beginning of Christ's rule in 1914 rule are all well over the age of 100 and I don't there is anyone alive in the world today never mind the Witnesses at that age, but the number has increased by almost 10% to over 21,000 partakers. What are the reasons: I can only speculate, people wake up and realize that ALL Christians meant to partake, people are getting older and less certain of the their hope in paradise life on earth, that's few of the reason I can think of. What do you think?

MEMORIAL ATTENDANCE: Not a crucial metric and not indicative of growth. Attendance dipped in 2020 due to lockdowns and the pandemic and recovered in 2021 to over 21 million.

INCREASE OVER PREVIOUS YEARS: This is a very important metric and highly indicative of the religion's future. In most of its history, especially between 1980-2010 the religion enjoyed 2%-3% year to year increase but in recent years this rate of increase had dropped to below 2% as can be seen for the 2018 service year BUT now post pandemic this rate is dropping below 1% and we are heading for negative increase in the near future. This just goes to show that the religion is finally reaching the end of of an over 100 year histiry of increased numbers.

HOURS vs BAPTISMS: This a metric created by comparing hours spend in the ministry vs annual baptisms and you can see the staggering numbers of hours a publisher will have to make one conversion, from 7.5k hours that has now skyrocketed to over 10k per publisher. almost 30% increase in just 5 years! To put it into perspective for a publisher who spends on average 10 hours in the ministry a month it will take 85 years!!!! to make one convert. Considering that 90% of those baptized are already members of Jehovah's Witnesses families only a 10% of all baptisms are real conversions from the door to door or cart ministry so if you multiple this 85 years by 9 , you end up with 773 years, the amount of time that a publisher on 10 hours a month will have to spend in the ministry to make a convert. At which point do you say this is not working anymore?

HOURS IN THE MINISTRY: Considering the previous metric on real conversions the amount of time spend in this fruitless pursuit is monumental. Has ever any group of people in world history engaged in such staggering waste of time. Almost 9 billion hours of wasted time over a period of the last 5 years

CONGREGATIONS: This is very important metric and it shows the real collapse in number in the Watchtower. From over 120k congregations in 2020 to just under 118k congregations 2 years later. A loss of 2,500 congregations in 24 months. That is 3.5 congregations terminated every day!!! for the past 2 years.

BIBLE STUDIES: Another significant metric and indicative of aging population of the religion.Considering that at least 90% of these studies are conducted with jw children and teenagers there has a been over a 40% collapse the past 5 years going from 10 million studies down to less than 6 million in 2022. That indicates that fewer young people are engaged in Bible Studies that lead to baptism the reason being that the Jehovah's Witnesses age demographic is changing faster than ever. Fewer young families more aging couples means less children to convert to baptized members. This is the strongest indicator that the religion is dying from within and is dying fast.

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