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2023 Grand Totals are OUT

2023 Grand Totals

  • Branches of Jehovah’s Witnesses: 85

  • Number of Lands Reporting: 239 ( =the same as 2002)

  • Total Congregations: 118,177 (=up from 117,960, a surprising increase but nevertheless a miniscule increase of just 0.18% OR 217 congregations. Of course the real metric here should be how many KH's closed down but of course they won't release this information. Is it possible that they artificially increase the number of congregations to show an increase? Quite possibly)

  • Worldwide Memorial Attendance: 20,461,767 (=up from 19,721,672 a 3.75% increase OR 740,095 more attendants. They managed to get 3 quarters of a million people to deny Jesus' s ransom by denying the bread and the wine. A real success in Satan's report for 2023 but not a real indicator for the success of the religion)

  • Memorial Partakers Worldwide: 22,312 (=up from 21,150 a 5,49% increase OR 1,162 more Partakers and potential candidates for Tony Morris' seat in heaven. Again not a true indicator more like a doctrinal nightmare for the Watchtower according to which these people should have died a long time ago)

  • Peak of Publishers a: 8,816,562 (=up from 8,699,048 OR 1.35% increase. They are just about treading water but still a true indicator and shows a minimal increase and can only be down to a natural increase of inborn children of Jehovah's Witnesses joining the cult as Publishers. If they were sincere with their reports they would show how many left the religion in 2023 as they used to do in previous years but of course they are not going to do that and we know why)

  • Average Publishers Preaching Each Month: 8,625,042

  • Percentage of Increase Over 2022: 1.3 (=it is actually 1.35% as mentioned earlier)

  • Total Number Baptized : 269,517 (=up from 145,552 in 2022 , a massive 85.15% increase from the previous year OR an additional 124,045 baptised members. Of course this is not a reliable indicator since in 2022 we were still coming out of the pandemic and quite possibly many postponed their baptism due to lack of open venues or assemblies taking place in 2022. So if you want a more realistic number we need to go back to pre-pandemic numbers in 2019 were the ones baptised were 303,866. So compared to this number they are down almost by 35,000 baptisms OR 12.75% which is a massive decrease and crucial indicator that far less people are committing themselves to the religion by getting baptised)

  • Average Pioneer  Publishers Each Month: 1,570,906

  • Average Auxiliary Pioneer Publishers Each Month: 738,457

  • Total Hours Spent in Field: 1,791,490,713

  • Average Bible Studies Each Month: 7,281,212

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