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A pile of ruins

In a world where Joel Dellinger paints a picture of a spiritual utopia with ever-increasing numbers and the replacement of copper with gold, one must question the validity of such claims. While he conveniently selects data from the 2016 yearly report rather than the most recent one, the reality seems to be quite the opposite. In fact, the current state of affairs eerily mirrors the prophecy found in Isaiah 3:4-6.

I will make boys their princes, And the unstable will rule over them. 5 The people will oppress one another, Each one his fellow man. The boy will assault the old man, And the lightly esteemed one will defy the respected one. 6 Each one will take hold of his brother in his father’s house and say: “You have a cloak—you be our commander. Take charge of this overthrown pile of ruins.”

According to the scripture, "boys will become their princes, and the unstable will rule over them." It describes a society where people oppress one another, with the youth assaulting the elderly and those of little esteem defying the respected ones. It is a world where individuals in their father's house appoint themselves as commanders, seeking power over a crumbling kingdom.

In 2023, the organization seems to have fulfilled these prophetic words. They have appointed young men as elders, even in their early 20s, instructing congregations to place authority in the hands of inexperienced individuals. Imagine the terror this must instill in the established elders, typically men in their late 50s or 60s, having to share the secrets of the congregation with teenagers who have yet to leave home, find employment, experience relationships, or marry.

Not only have they made "boys their princes," but they have also embraced the "unstable" to rule over them. I recall the moment when Stephen Lett first appeared on screen during a JW Broadcasting, and the initial reaction of Jehovah's Witnesses present was laughter. However, their amusement quickly turned to silence, realizing the impropriety of laughing at a member of the governing body. It begs the question: How would you feel if a person dressed as a clown took the platform and began reading from the Bible? Surely, it would be inappropriate and distract from the intended message. Though Lett does not dress as a clown, his extreme facial expressions and demeanor make it difficult to perceive him as a suitable leader before an audience of nine million Jehovah's Witnesses.

Drawing a parallel to this unsettling situation, Cypriano de Meo, a Catholic priest known for performing exorcisms, shares his insights on the signs of possession. He mentions that

possessed individuals often exhibit unsettling reactions to prayer, including extreme facial expressions, threatening words or gestures, and blasphemous remarks against God.

While it would be rash to claim that Stephen Lett is possessed, it is worth noting that he displays many of the characteristics described by this exorcist. His exaggerated facial expressions and statements that seemingly blaspheme the nature of God, such as his remark about babies being enemies of God only few months ago, raise concerns.

So why do we witness such traits manifesting within the Watchtower organization? It appears to be a strong indication that God has abandoned this institution, much like He did with the nation of Israel in the days of Isaiah. Back then, the nation had forsaken Jehovah, and consequently, Jehovah abandoned them, leading to a debased state of mind where the rule of crazy people and young children prevailed. Rather than experiencing the promised transformation of "copper turning to gold" as Joel Dellinger professes, the organization is rapidly deteriorating into a "pile of ruins" that only the children and unstable seem willing to control.

In light of these unsettling developments, one must question the future of the organization and whether it can regain its spiritual footing. The echoes of Isaiah's prophecy serve as a solemn reminder that abandoning Jehovah comes with severe consequences. Will the Watchtower organization recognize its state of decline and seek a path of renewal, or will it continue down the treacherous path of self-destruction? Only time will reveal the ultimate fate of this once-prominent spiritual institution.

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