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An Elder's report on the current situation in the congregations

I was in Bethel for years early 2000s and was heavily involved with BRD from start to finish

im current elder in one of the congregations in London

what I’ve noticed is huge changes since covid

we have had quite a few in our cong who have faded or part faded and sometimes come on zoom but without camera

some have confused the BOE as to where they live or what is going on in their lives

i can’t see how anyone should get announced that they are no longer a JW and have all the shunning, now it’s so easy to fade and once you are not known as a JW you don’t need to be shunned and all that jazz

i feel very strongly that come meeting times it’s so easy to jump on zoom in your comfortable PJs and same really with the ministry it’s a good chance to chat and have nice association but hardly any letters are written anymore

we all just go on for a chat and a catch up

im not looking forward to going on the door to door this September

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