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Apostate Elders Active inside Watchtower Headquarters

The dated pictures attached are "proof conclusive" that this is for real. No outside guests are allowed inside Bethel at this time. The following message is from an "undercover brother" inside Watchtower 🌎 Headquarters:

"Greetings fellow PIMO's, POMO's and even lurking JW's (We know you are here and that's ok; you are doing nothing wrong and you should not feel guilty. Welcome!!!). I sincerely hope all who read or hear this message are doing well and striving to live their best lives.

After spending many years at World Headquarters (currently still here) and working in many different Bethel departments, I feel inclined to share some of my observations and insights, some of which may already be known and some which may not. So here they are:

  1. While it will never be stated on any monthly JW broadcast, never be conveyed on any morning worship program found on the JW Library app or said in any "Bethel" lecture made available to the rank and file online, the Governing Body is extremely paranoid and quite frankly exhausted dealing with all of the leaks and apostasy aimed at the Watch Tower organization.

They are actively taking steps to go on the offensive rather than having to constantly defend themselves in court. They even began a campaign of reaching out to local government officials in certain regions in hopes of politicking and garnering favor with the community.

They are also already in the process of training potential new, younger Governing Body members. There is much speculation around Bethel as to when/if these new men will be announced as new Governing Body members, but time will tell.

2) While the Bethel family is composed of some genuine and loving people who feel they are really supporting "Christ's brothers'', there is a high level of cognitive dissonance felt by many here at Bethel, specifically since the pandemic/lockdown began at Bethel in March 2020.

Many feel that the direction provided by the Governing Body has been over blown and quite frankly overkill. The Governing Body and Branch Committee will brag that we have experienced zero Covid related deaths in the US branches but will not truly acknowledge the hardships and struggles that have been felt by many at Bethel due to the restrictions placed on Bethelites since we went into lockdown.

Many individuals at Bethel struggle with mental health issues such as depression and even suicidal thoughts, which has been exaserbated by the restrictions placed on the Bethelites since the start of lockdown. This has led to all sorts of issues at Bethel such as drugs infiltrating the facilities, alcoholism, broken marital relationships and unfortunately even cases of domestic abuse between married couples, just to name a few. If the average rank and file member knew of the mental health crisis, as well as all the "worldly" shit that goes on at Bethel, they would be quite appalled.

3) Lastly, after spending many years here, meeting and associating with many high ranking men, sitting in on hundreds of meetings where decisions have been made that have affected people's lives, I can genuinely say that this is not an organization run by God. It is simply a billion dollar corporation no different than any other major corporation in existence today.

God, Jesus and the holy spirit are in no way involved in the decisions or direction given that affect millions of people's lives. It is simply a group of men sitting at a table acting on what they feel is right in the moment. Oftentimes the direction given is reactive. In many cases it is a small group of men who truly hold the power and control. Sure, there are some good things about Bethel. You meet and spend time with some genuinely good and honest people. But there is also the bad, and in some cases the ugly.

I don't know what the future holds but perhaps one day I will taste freedom and be able to tell my full story. Until then, if the opportunity presents itself I will continue to share insights and past experiences, if desired."

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Jun 16, 2022


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