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Are they tracking your device?

I asked similar questions about it on my post, mostly about them having a way to track Who has copied and pasted elsewhere to prove point about the incorrect information they provide or just downright lies. Mostly because as the information that you load to your devices is on your drive and not in cloud, have they put a tracking bug in it so they can take actions against you, also as the daily use of app in not dependent on an internet connection to use the can still block the apps use. I turned off my net connection on one of my devices and it still came up on opening app and whoud not let me go further until I did agree. Then I closed it and then reopened and it did same thing, when I reconnect to the net and agreed it didn't come up again. So what did it install to allow that to be recognized by the PGB servers to let you keep going? I'm not a programmer or IT guy so please explain! EDIT: One person said not to worry about it they would not be interested enough to bother most people is they did post stuff disputing them. But I still wonder, what they are already of! 🤔

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