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BREAKING NEWS | House-to-House Preaching Will Resume on September 1, 2022

The Governing Body is pleased to announce that the house-to-house preaching work of Jehovah’s Witnesses will resume on September 1, 2022. We pray for Jehovah’s rich blessing to be with all of you as we resume our house-to-house ministry!

This shows me it was never about public safety. It was about optics. Covid is on the rise and mask mandates are being reinstituted in many places. The pandemic is not over. But they’re losing members and need to keep the ones they have busy and preaching.

Notice how they say always say "we" but not in this instance , they want "YOU" to go out in the ministry while they take it easy in their little compound in up state New York celebrating their ability to get the minions to do their bidding.

The REAL Reasons why the want you out in the ministry:

1.record low in person meeting attendance

2.record high leaving, DF or plain ghosting 3.record PIMO rates in elder ranks and bethel

4.record pioneers doing fake hours

5.record numbers needed for 2022 service year.

Wait and see how many actually return to house-to-house preaching. Maybe Jehovah will bless this arrangement like he is blessing the in-person meetings at the Kingdom Hall.


- gas is too expensive.

- householders will hate it, rightfully so for inevitably spreading disease.

- we have proof now that door 2 door isn't a requirement for the ministry. (See the past 2 years)

- Bethel is still closed.

Also I think once many JWs try to go back to this way of life, within a few months they're going to see how much their mental health declines.

We thought there was a mass exodus going on. But I think in the next 6-8 months, many will be waking up.

They'll realize that "doing more" for jehovah is making them miserable.

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