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Breaking ! Return to the Kingdom Halls from 1st April

ANNOUNCEMENT | Resuming In-Person Meetings

We are pleased to inform you that the Governing Body has decided that barring any local governmental restrictions, we will encourage all congregations to begin holding in-person meetings the week of April 1. This will mean that in most cases, congregations will be able to meet in person for the Memorial. Further details will be sent to each congregation.

I think it’ll be a big surprise when they finally go back and the halls are almost empty. You see 2 years of zoom allowed enough time for people to fade away successfully, also created the conditions for older brothers and sisters to get comfy at home and I a pretty sure zoom will be new "phone in" option that we used in pre-covid era.There is already an announcement coming out soon for what they call "hybrid meetings".

The governing body claim that their decision is in line with the lifting of restrictions worldwide but as far as I can tell from the UK they are one year behind with all churches having resumed in person meetings for over 6 months now. The timing is also perfect for lifting their spirits up right before the Memorial and later on spinning the in person Memorial meetings as a blessing from Jehovah.This will also mean door to door is soon coming back complete with crowding into a private home for that mess, with no parking.

Of course, this return to the Kingdom Halls is changing nothing to their long term plans to sell more buildings her in the UK ,I made a couple of videos the past few days on how the Kingdom Hall Trust is now the only jw charity with Kingdom hall properties and all congregations have relinquished their status and been removed from the CC website.You can go back and watch them

Many were in disbelief after the IICSA investigation Verdict that literally let the Watchtower get away Scott free but it sounds like they struck a deal with the CC to reduce their charitable presence hers in the UK in exchange for a lesser punishment, or no punishment at all from the CC. With all congregations relinquishing their charitable status they have done just that, they have reduced their charitable presence to a minimum.

With more KH being sold ,longer distances to drive to the meetings and fuel and gas prices skyrocketing the attendance is very likely to plummet even with in person meetings resuming and the domino effect of halls being sold at a faster rate is here to last.

So Jehovah's Witnesses enjoyed while you can the return to the KH because it won't last

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