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Exposed: Watchtower's Shocking Truth Revealed in Deleted Disfellowshiping Video

Updated: May 28, 2023

In a new twist the Watchtower has removed 2 videos from their Saturday program of the upcoming district assembly for 2023 that deal with disfewllowshiping amongst family members,.

The video dramas and reenactments are interspersed between and within the speeches given by higher-ranking members of the Church. The shunning videos were originally were planed to be embedded into the Saturday Afternoon session during the speech titled: “Better to Be Patient Than to be Haughty in Spirit: Imitate Abel, Not Adam.” The focus of this particular talk is on the benefits of enforcing the shunning of close family members who are disfellowshipped, with a special emphasis on parent-child relationships.

The Watchrower is again building a false narrative where Adam is the great apostate that needs to be disfewllowshiped from his pious jw son Abel. What do they smoke in that

Writing department of the Watchtower? Nowhere does the Bible say that Adam was the great apostate, yes he made a terrible mistake he introduced sin in the world and death but nowhere in the Bible or Jewish tradition we find him being a great apostate or bitter against God after the exposition from the Garden of Eden like other characters where enemies of God live Cain or Nimrod. By all accounts Adam lived a pious life, he was the first patriarch acting as a mediator between God and his family and left an account of righteousness for his offspring to follow.

In the Book of Jubilees, which is an ancient Jewish religious text, there is a description of the death of Adam. The Book of Jubilees is considered an extrabiblical source as it is not included in the canonical Bible.

According to the Book of Jubilees, Adam's death is described in Chapter 4. It states that Adam lived for 930 years, just as it is mentioned in the Book of Genesis. When Adam is close to the end of his life, he gathers his sons and instructs them about his impending death and the events that will unfold in the future. He tells them about the consequences of their actions and offers them guidance and blessings.

After giving these instructions, the text goes on to say that Adam dies and is buried in the land of Eden, in the same place where God had created him. The text also mentions that his sons, including Seth, mourn for him and continue to honor his commandments.

It is really disturbing watching the Watchtower twisting Biblical characters in their attempt to justify disfewllowshiping and distancing between close family members but of course in light of their recent losses in Norway and the recent exposure of the practise by well known exjw social media celebrity Rebecca Vardy here in Britian the Watchtower will have to think twice .I will consider the second Deleted video next time so stay tuned.

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