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WATCHTOWER thinks they own the ALPHABET now!

Updated: Apr 2

The Watchtower thinks they own the ALPHABET now as this seems to be the case from the following story that comes to us from Germany. This story was brought to my attention from Victor ,a regular contributor to This story is about a German exjw channel called JZ HELP. You can look them up on YouTube.

Apparently JZ Help received a cease and desist letter from the Watchtower in 2019 and this is their story : "We embarked on a journey to shed light on human rights violations within the Jehovah's Witnesses community. It all began when our YouTube channel, initially named JW Victim Assistance, was abruptly suspended

in August 2019 by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, claiming a breach of human rights. Subsequently, in October, we received a cease and desist notice, demanding the cessation of using the abbreviation 'JW' within a short timeframe. We had previously registered the trademark 'JW,' and during the objection period, an appeal was lodged by the organization. Seeking legal advice, we found the odds of winning a legal battle to be 50-50 due to the trademark already being registered by the Society of Pennsylvania. Moreover, the associated legal costs posed a significant financial burden, which we were unable to bear at the time. Consequently, we reached a settlement agreement, agreeing to discontinue the use of 'JW' and adopting 'JZ' instead. This prompted us to update our online presence and social media platforms accordingly, renaming our association and revising our branding.However, our efforts to move forward were met with another challenge in October 2020 when we received a similar cease and desist notice from the Jehovah's Witnesses religious community in Germany, despite the trademark already being registered. This time, we chose not to agree to a settlement but continued using the trademark, leading to a lawsuit from the Jehovah's Witnesses before the Regional Court of Frankfurt. To our relief, the court dismissed the lawsuit, stating that the Jehovah's Witnesses had not adequately demonstrated their use of the 'JZ' trademark in commerce.Subsequently, the Jehovah's Witnesses appealed the decision, leading to a hearing in November 2023. The court proposed a settlement suggesting that we refrain from using 'JZ' as a sole trademark but allowed us to continue using 'JZ Help.' Despite our agreement to the proposed settlement, the Jehovah's Witnesses rejected it, aiming to cease our association's activities altogether. However, in January 2024, the court ruled in our favor, dismissing the Jehovah's Witnesses' lawsuit and granting our counterclaim as an association.This legal victory underscores the unjust nature of the cease and desist notices we received. It highlights the Jehovah's Witnesses' attempts to silence dissent and control the narrative. Despite the challenges we faced, the unwavering support of our members allowed us to persevere. Moving forward, we remain committed to exposing human rights violations within the Jehovah's Witnesses community and will continue our efforts with renewed vigor.

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