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Hand over your medical freedom

Hi guys this is Phil Evangelinos and this is another video on the Sunday morning program of the "Pursue Peace" Assembly, and as you heard...

The Governing Body wants you to blindly conform to their position when it comes to pandemics. If you are not sure who Gary represents in that story, that's you.His father that condescendingly talks down to him is the organization and his two sisters are the the congregation that puts pressure on you to conform with whatever crazy edict comes out of their mouth.

There have been other pandemics during the lifetime of the religion, I don't remember them imposing such draconian measures to their members then.Why now? And why their position happens to be the exact same position that the governments and mainstream media have been forcing for the past two years on their citizens. For an organization that spend the best part of its lifetime being conspirasists claiming that Babylon the Great is Christendom, the United Nations are the beast of Revelation ,it sounds and looks really strange that this pandemic we went through has more sinister beginings and motivations that they let out. They no longer hold the governments into account like they did in the past. In fact it wasn't that long ago that the came with an announcement that the choice to immunise or not immunise yourself is your personal choice and then later a private memo to elders only was threatening of action action against any elder that did not tow the official line.I covered that on a previous video you can go back and watch it.

Now that the book of Revelation talks about another decision we will all have to make in the near future by inserting or apply something on our bodies that will require personal decision making.We read in Revelation 13:16,17:

It puts under compulsion all people—the small and the great, the rich and the poor, the free and the slaves—that these should be marked on their right hand or on their forehead, 17 and that nobody can buy or sell except a person having the mark, the name of the wild beast or the number of its name

You ask most people today ,do you think that's literal? It clearly says "no one can buy or sell" without the mark of the beast so it must be some short of a digital identifier that you insert on your body, or as many say a microchip although by that time it could be something well more advanced. What if that mark of the beast is forced on the world as some short of a medical emergency? What do you think the Watchtower will instruct its members to do? They will force you to take it like they boss you around now to immunise yourself otherwise you are not following Jehovah's advise. Despicable !

But of course they have been bullying you for decades to kill yourself by refusing blood transfusions why do you think they can't do that now with something like this.

All I'm asking guys is you decide what goes into your body not Stephen Lett or any other phony self apointed anointed ,that's all I'm asking.

Do yourself a favor and apply what the Bible and the very verse that this speaker just read

Keep perceiving what the will of God is

Who does that? YOU

For how long? Indefinitely, it says keep perceiving, it's a continous thing

With that in mind this is my take on Ronald Curzan and his take on blind obedience to the Governing body.

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I would LOVE to know how much money Watchtower will make from doing PROPAGANDA FOR THE VAXXES and for each person getting each vaccine and boosters, because Watchtower has Hedge Funds in the Pharmaceuticals AND Genetics Companies IHS I think, (Big Health Agencies) and Big Technology and Data...


It really upsets me, because I’ve been researching these vx and they have things inside that are damaging the body! Quinta/Columna shows what’s inside, and I have neighbors and friends that got it, but now have c-lots and been ill ever since and I know some who died soon after it!! (They were healthy before this! They never got cv. And we know doctors have oxygen pumped into their operating rooms when they wear masks for prolonged periods and all these JWs are smothering themselves if they wear them for extended periods, and they rebreathe any garbage that their lungs breath out! NGO religions are getting paid to promote the agenda! You should see DR Jane Ruby on, or…

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