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JW Museums : A new way to print money

A recent video on titled "Organisational accomplishments" reveals the society's intentions to build museums in 35 countries fashioned after the one in Warwick. For an average jw this new enterprise would seem strange, to say the least, but not for money driven Mark Sanderson. I dont remember Jesus ever saying " and these museums will be build in all thr inhabited earth and then the End will come" if I remember correcty he said the "good news of the Kingdom" should be our priority. Since we are so close to the End ,the last part of the last part of the Last Days, it would be inappropriate for God's anointed to busy themselves with something so remote to preaching like building museums. But this is not what drives Mark Sanderson the new money making anointed of Jehovah. Say what you like about Mark. He has a vision, and he can be ruthless delivering this vision, as we have seen with the recent departure of Tony Morris, with more of the old guard of oldies should to be followed. Now, why would the Watchtower like to build museums? The answer is easy,  MONEY. The only driving power behind this organisation. Now, let's consider for a minute or two how this endeavour will add more money to the Watchtower's coffers.INCREASED GOVERMENT FUNDING:According to the American Association of Museums, 24.4% of museum funding comes from the government. Another 36.5% of the funds come from private donors, 27.6% from revenue, and 11.5% from investments. However, funding from federal, state, and local agencies may account for more or less of an individual museum’s budget. For instance, the Detroit Institute of the Arts receives nearly half of its yearly funding from local government sources. Now let's translate that in jw terms.If for example the yearly running costs of a museum is let's say 10 million dollars nearly as half of this money will be from local or national government funding.Now, real museums have real expenditure, buying or leasing artifacts, maintaining the building, paying employees. But what about a JW museum? All employees are free volunteer Bethelites, the museum is housed within the existing premises of Bethel, and the so-called artefacts are nothing more than old publications donated by brothers and sisters. It wasn't that long ago that the Watchtower was requesting brothers and sisters who have very old literature (books, brochures, records, tapes, videos, etc.) to donate those to the WHQ so that these can be displayed as ARTIFACTS in their new museums!!!So, in a typical Watchtower fashion, these museums can cost next to nothing to set up, then make fictitious numbers for running costs and then get the local government to fork up the bill to the tune of millions of dollars or pounds whatever the local currency is for that country.Dont forget the are expanding this scheme to 35 countries, so it must be successful.So in other words the Watchtower has found a new money stream to finance its Bethels and the organisation in total one that wasn't there before and it is far more reliable from the dwindling donations of its members. Now there is a lot more to say on this subject and I will be returning soon with more information.

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