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Latest Updates to the Shepherding book

Donations should not be accepted at the Homeowners door, This maybe because in many countries Collectors for Charities are regulated by Law, in the U.K for example they all wear a Lanyard with their Pic, and details on, this is legal requirement, but the Org. doesn't want to be accused that their Rep. took money and then disappeared with them.

Retention of Records, some good news here for the "Faded", any records on those who fade are soon deleted, not so good for Reproved, Disassociated or Disfellowshipped ones though, records are still held for a while, some permanently. Another covering thing they are doing is Shredding Records of Elders Meetings etc. quickly, and also, any Letter sent to another Congregation regarding a J.W who has moved.


Reporting Incidents of Hate- or Prejudice-Motivated Crime: The branch is collecting

information on hate- or prejudice-motivated crime (criminal acts based on prejudice against our faith) against publishers and places of worship. To assist the branch to collate accurate figures, we ask that you promptly call the Legal Department each time you become aware of such an incident. Incidents involving threats with an object or a weapon, or physical or verbal assault toward a publisher while engaged in theocratic activity are generally to be considered as hate- or prejudice-motivated crime. Likewise, please report to the Legal De￾partment any incident of vandalism of a Kingdom Hall. This is to be done in addition to completing a Risk Incident Report (TO-5) pursuant to the direction in Shepherd, chapter 21,

paragraph 30.

10. When you call the Legal Department, please be prepared to provide the following infor￾mation for each incident: (1) date/time, (2) location, (3) brief description of the incident, (4) victim’s gender and age, (5) whether the victim required medical attention as a result of the incident, (6) whether there were any witnesses to the incident, (7) whether the incident was reported to the police, and (8) profile of the perpetrator. If possible, please also docu￾ment the incident with photographs provided the publisher grants permission. However, when collecting this information from the individuals affected, please do so tactfully, without unnecessarily alarming the publishers.

(=What that means is, In many areas it is legally considered verbal assault to loudly swear at someone in public. I know it is in the area where I live. So now they can whine about persecution even more when an irate person tell them to GFY or to get the Hell off my porch and whimper about how hated they are.)

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They are laughable whiny men !!!

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