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Over the next 10 years, the Conventions will include 2 new episodes of the Good News According to Jesus, after which in 2034 there will be a feature length film based on the entire book of Acts. After that feature length film, the JWs will have hoped to have become closer to "first century Christianity", even though they make this claim already.

After 2034, there is supposedly be no more conventions or assemblies planned, and congregations will be remarketed for local meetings redesigned in a similar way as the original Bible Students group. The name "Jehovah's Witnesses" will no longer be designated beyond 2034, however I am not aware of what the "new name" will be.

The weekend meetings in time will be shortened, still with a public talk (always with one or 2 videos) and a 10-12 paragraph Bible Discussion based on an article in the Watchtower study edition. Some weeks will focus on a study article, other weeks will focus on age specific topics or topics for the public. The Watchtower study edition will completely change and become the only magazine produced for the Organization, and it will include inside the midweek meeting schedule which will also be revised to a more simple format.

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Because it is not the truth?


Truth never changes, why all these changes?

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