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New Light on Ressurection

If you have not realised it yet, this is one of the most important years in changes in jw theology, it is the year the Watchtower walked away from their responsibility, and what they have been claiming for over 100 years, that they are here to preach a message of judgement during the time of the End and effectively they have now moved the time of the End to an unidentified period of time right before the battle of Armageddon. This is to be expected as we are moving closer to the time of the End they can sense the world becoming a more dangerous place and they just want to bail out, they neither have the divine appointment or the heavenly calling to engage in such a difficult work and like every charlatan that makes stuff up as they go along they are kicking the can further down the road. Blind leaders with zero insight!

This is why they killed off the teaching of the hailed stone message, please go back and watch my last two videos on this subject, and now they are prepared to walk away about much of the stuff they preached and teached on ressurection for decades. There have been several articles over the years as to why people of Noah's days will not be ressurected,or why the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah are not coming back. The reason? Because they don't want to speculate anymore and just don't want to be dogmatic.But is this not exactly what they have done for almost 150 years? Being dogmatic in their constant speculations? I digress...

So is it a bad thing to speculate when it comes to Bible passages as David Splane will have you believe? It is true that the apostle John warned us not to add to Scripture or take away from it (Revelation 22:18). The original context of his warning is for the prophecy of Revelation. But we can extend the context to refer to all of Scripture. His warning is just as true for all of Scripture as it is for the book of Revelation.

However, speculation and curiosity about biblical passages is part of worship to God. As we think about Scripture and try to understand it as best our limited human perspective can handle, we are worshiping God by studying his word.Even angels are mentioned in the Bible as speculating not being able to understand the mysteries concerning to Church. We read in 1 Peter 1:12:

It was revealed to them that they were ministering, not to themselves, but to you, regarding what has now been announced to you by those who declared the good news to you with holy spirit sent from heaven. Into these very things, angels are desiring to peer.

Just as long our engagement with difficult Bible passages remains an innocent speculation this is Biblical and worth pursuing but when some, like the Governing Body, turn it to dogmatic speculation like they have done for decades then this is not alright. So they have engaged in dogmatic speculation for over 150 years and now they want YOU to stop doing that. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. Of course this is all by design. They see the End in the Horizon and they want to bail out as the phony leaders that they are.

So what did Jehovah's Witnesses believe about the ressurection of the people of Noah's time, what they want to believe now and what the Bible actually says?

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Noah's Days

The Watchtower 15th March 1965 under the Study Article "Who will be ressurected,Why?"paragraph 4, had this to say:

At the Flood all those people outside Noah’s ark, namely, the men, the women, the children and babies, the Nephilim or the hybrid offspring from the marriage of disobedient angels and human daughters of men, all such then living were suddenly executed by God’s direct act and were thus destroyed forever. So it will be with all persons on earth who are not in harmony with God’s kingdom at the fast-approaching battle of Armageddon.

Now David Splane wants you to believe that no one really knows, as if God will ressurected the Nephilim, the abominable hybrids that were the cause for the Flood and caused so much violence on earth.But what about the people of Sodom and Gomorrah? A Question from Readers from the 1st June 1988 Watchtower answers this question more comprehensively, we read :

One of the most pointed comments is in Jude 7(=where we read :"In the same manner, Sodʹom and Go·morʹrah and the cities around them also gave themselves over to gross sexual immorality* and pursued unnatural fleshly desires;+ they are placed before us as a warning example by undergoing the judicial punishment of everlasting fire.") Jude had just spoken of (1) Israelites destroyed for lack of faith, and (2) angels who sinned and are ‘reserved with eternal bonds for the judgment of the great day.’ Then Jude wrote: “So too Sodom and Gomorrah . . . are placed before us as a warning example by undergoing the judicial punishment of everlasting fire.” This text has been applied to the actual cities’ being destroyed everlastingly, not the people. However, in view of Jude 5 and 6, likely most people would take Jude verse 7 to mean a judicial punishment of individuals. (Similarly, Matthew 11:20-24 would be understood as criticizing people, not stones or buildings.) In this light, Jude 7 would mean that the wicked people of Sodom/​Gomorrah were judged and destroyed everlastingly.

Do these previous explanations sound far more grounded in the Bible than the latest U turn from David Splane? They sure.

But why now? No one really knows why Tonny Morris was pushed out of the Governing Body BUT it sounds to me that all these doctrinal changes were made possible after his departure.

Secondly, the Governing Body needs to water down their ministry and remove older brothers and sisters from knocking on people's doors now that world is becoming a far more dangerous place, the latest attack at the assembly Hall in India and chilling testimony of the perpetrator online would seem to indicate that people worldwide are becoming more intolerant towards the previous "fire and brimstone" message of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Therefore this message needs to be watered down so the Watchtower can avoid more deaths and more court cases against them.

Remember, in the Watchtower

Policy dictates doctrine and not the other way around.

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