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Watchtower in full panic mode over Tony Morris

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

In a new surprising twist the Watchtower has now removed the announcement that originally posted for TM removal on their website! They simply didn't expect the exjw community to find out and spread the news so fast around the Internet. The Watchtower is in full panic mode over Tony Morris.

There is clear indication that Morris’ deletion on February 22, 2023, was the result of a judicial action. This is borne out by the fact at how quickly the page, What is the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses? page was updated. On the very day, the announcement was made, the page was updated to change the cover page that included a visual of Anthony Morris shaking hands with Geoffrey W. Jackson as he welcomes him onto the board to a more generic image. They also deleted his name from the list of names of Governing Body members. Within one day  the audio clip was also revised to match the textual changes.

In comparison, when Gage Fleegle and Jeffrey Winder were named as members of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses on January 18, 2023, it took 9 days before the page was revised to add those to name to the list of names. And it took a further 24 days to update the audio to match that text change. If it was because of some personal or health reasons that he had to step aside, the organization would not have been so swift to remove all trace of him from this page. Therefore, this is evidence that Anthony Morris III’s removal from the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses was as a result of a judicial action. 

The cover image on for the Frequently Asked Question, What is the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses? was changed on February 20, 2023 from one showing Anthony Morris III welcoming Geoffrey Jackson into the Governing Body, to a more generic image showing what looks like the members of a corporate Board Committee having a discussion while holding open Bibles.

Now if you watched my previous video , i made the case that TM's departure is down to internal infighting and politics, now

As per Raymond Franz's revelation from his "Crisis of Conscience" book , the GB needs 2/3 of votes to decide on important matters, such as change in doctrines or policy. Now, when they were 7, a change could only be obtained with a minimum of 5 votes in favor. Conversely, 3 votes would be enough to block a change.For the sake of argument, let's say that the majority of GB members wants to change certain important policy or doctrine. Tony opposes it, along with two other GB members, and by 4-3 votes, they manage to block the change. The situation deadlocks and drags on for months or years. The majority of others grows frustrated. To force a change, the only way is to increase the voting pool or hope one of the 'opposing trio' dies. Enter Kenneth Cook. Now the GB is 8. Again, even if this scenario (5-3), the 3 votes block the change.Now, at this moment, it is decided that the GB needs more members (old age of some members, share the burden, etc). Enter Jeffrey Winder and Gage Fleegle. They were handpicked knowing in advance they'd side with the majority. Now, the scale has tipped. With ten members, a 7-3 vote means the opposing trio can be defeated. Imagine, knowing he's outnumbered, Tony threatening: "if this is approved, I will resign". There's a show of power, a vote is called on the matter, Tony is defeated, a change is decided. The other two see it as Jehovah guiding things and accept the will of the majority; but Tony takes no BS and sees it as mere politics, and makes good on his threat and resigns from the GB. He then must be seen as resisting the "holy spirit", spiritually weak, obstinate, proud, and therefore loses his privileges and reproached, though not disfellowshipped, and not asked to leave Bethel either.So, why bring in two new members, when 6-3 vote (9 total votes) would suffice? Because they were already accounting for the possibility that Tony would resign, thus reducing the members to 9, and so, they wanted to keep their majority intact, also in the likely scenario that one of them might pass away sometime soon.

The following are some of the thought provoking comments I received on my youtube videos(* I obsecure the names for obvious reasons).

The next comment is from someone who worked with Tony Morris in the same business:

Another great comment shows how Tonny wasn't good for business:

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