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Taylor Swift's NEW SONG sends jws in frenzy

Updated: Apr 23

There are times that Jehovah's Witnesses cross over to popular culture and this is one of these big moments. Taylor Swift's new song " The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived" ,maybe an indirect jab at the Greatest Man book, a well know Jehovah's WItness publication, makes reference to Jehovah's Witnesses.

The lyrics of that particular song reads:

"Was any of it true? Gazing at me starry eyed In your Jehovah’s Witness suit

The song is apparently about Matty Healey one of Taylor Swift's previous affairs. The most popular singer in the world is famous for writing lyrics about her past relationships and the quote of a "Jehovah’s Witness suit" is a direct reference to Matty Healy’s signature onstage look which is a simple black and white suit similar to what many Jehovah's Witnesses used to wear in their ministry or the meetings up to recently. Matty Healy is the front man of music band 1975, a number pivotal in Jehovah's Witnesses history.

Needless to say, the news of the mere reference of the phrase "Jehovah's Witness" has send Witnesses around the world in a frenzy. With quotes like the following:

The "close-cut suit and a tie", is a favourite amongst Jehovah's Witnesses and seek to reflect the values that we live by and show respect for our God. Although Matty Healey is nor himself a Witness, he has arguably dressed as one"

Also the following:" That's interesting! Taylor Swift mentioned Jehovah's Witnesses in one of her songs. She complimented how JWs wear suits.

Jehovah's Witnesses are so needy for recognition that they will turn an external reference to their religion to a positive feedback for their faith no matter how obvious it is that this is anything but a a dig at the way look or behave.

There have been many other instances in the past that films or TV series where poking fun at Jehovah’s Witnesses trademark knocking on people's doors. One of the most memorabe references in film is the famous Stephen Spielberg's "Indiana Jones: The Last crusade" where Harrison Ford needs to carefully step on a floor ful of traps and can only get it right by only stepping on the stone marked with the letters of the word Jehovah.

What are you memories? What is your favorite reference of the religion in film or pop culture? Do you think Jehovah's Witnesses crave the recognition of their faith by wordly people?

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