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The 10 year plan to save the Watchtower

Updated: Feb 14

It is a well known fact that the Watchtower has used consulting firms and marketing groups in recent years to help them find a way forward in order to stop the decline and also find ways to help them keep their charitable status especially in Europe where their charitable status is currently under attack with as lately as December 2023 where their charitable funds provided in Norway and other countries were withdrawn,.One of these people working for these firms has leaked the following information in relation to a 10 year plan deviced by the Watchtower and those firms. If this plan proves to be true it is truly diabolical. Here is his account verbatum:

"I am still in contact with a number of high ranking individuals and a couple that are privileged to things before it is published.

I was aware of beard changes a year before it happened and the non recording of hours.

It is being discussed to make the blood issue a conscience issue and no blood cards. A person that does have blood will not have his position in the congregation removed or be disassociated/disfellowshiped. He/she will not have to or be pressured to discuss their decision they will not be asked.The hospital liaison committees will be dissolved. As regards disfellowshipping they are going to discuss Jubilee years and how Israel had these.

People convicted of crimes, property that was sold, people that were enslaved free people all became as they once were.A GREAT RESET. Land went back to owners, people living in cities of refuge became free again.The society is going to technically reinstate ALL disfellowshiped people very soon. The Jubilee year concept will be the reason for this.

What reinstated people do is their business. The Jubilee year is because they feel the end is very near and all people should have a second chance. Families will be encouraged to reinstate communications with disfellowshiped people and embrace them as family .It will be an outward show of forgiveness, to us all and designed to show the media and Government that the organization is not so bad. And so as not to lose any more charitable status. The real reason is they are losing too many people. The Org now has a terrible reputation for breaking families up and letting kids die. They are looking at a 10 year programme of massive change.They know they will lose some but will gain many.

They have been given marketing guidance.

People have short memories and will forget the

Blood and disfellowshipping issues.

Child abuse is to be reported to authorities immediately as it always should have been.

They have been and are in a stage of rebranding themselves for the next 10 years.

The Org has been looking at pages like this and Bloggers to see why ex jws left for and what it is that people don't like. Then modify slowly to what people want. Watch this space.

Remember how Blockbuster Video lost to Netflix? The advisors to the Borg have discussed this real event of how Blockbuster lost to Netflix, why and the events surrounding it. This complex metaphor has been used with the Governing body to show it needs to change or die. The real reason Anthony Morris was kicked off his position was he didn't want this change. Nothing to do with buying Whisky.He left but the Borg didn't say that.

Watch this space.If you don't believe it thats fine. Time will tell won't it!!Things might change, I can only inform you on what has been discussed."

And there you have it. A 10 year plan to save the Watchtower, what do you think?

Blood issue will become a matter of conscience, CSA reporting will become mandatory and disfellowshipping will be reset for millions of people. Yes that sounds unbelievable but think of the recent big change we had recently and not talking about the beards only I'm talking about the reporting of hours that has been there for decades they did away with it overnight without a single thought for the millions of jws that spend decades of their life reporting hours. So no the Watchtower is on 10 year of massive changes to save their charitable status and reverse the decline, only time will tell whether this is true, but by the sound of it , it looks something the Watchtower will do to stop the decline

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Is there any link to this leak? Where was it posted originally? The one link in your post seems to be broken. Would be helpful to know as much as possible about this. Thank you!

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