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Anglo-American World Power is it really the Last Empire on Earth?

Updated: May 28, 2023

The Anglo-American World Power as a concept has dominated the pages of the Watchtower for over 100 years and is now making a come back in the very latest Watchtower Study Article 24 which was published only few days ago on and will be studied in the kingdom halls around the world at the end of the year. In this article with the them "Learn from Bible Prophesy" we read in paragraph 13:

"From Daniel’s description of the dream image and particularly its feet, we learn several important truths. First, the Anglo-American World Power has shown its strength in some ways. For example, it played a key role in winning World War I and World War II. However, this world power has been weakened and will continue to be weakened by internal conflicts among its own citizens. Second, this alliance will be the last world power to rule before God’s Kingdom puts an end to all human kingdoms. Even though other nations may at times challenge the Anglo-American World Power, they will not replace it. We know that because “the stone” representing God’s Kingdom will crush the feet, the part of the image that depicts the Anglo-American alliance.​—Dan. 2:34, 35, 44, 45.

This is a position they held for a very long time, the the legs in Daniel's prophesy chapter 2 is a dual world power, the Anglo-American World Power. Where do they get this idea of a dual World Power?It is actually a valid assumption, earlier on , in the image the the two arms represend the Medo-Persian World Power. Most scholars agree that to be the case but no one agrees with the Watchtower 's interpretation that the 2 legs represent the Anglo American dual world power. In fact if you just briefly consider the succession of the World empires in Daniel's image you can easily see that not to be the case. First Babylon, then Persia followed by Greece and finally succeeded by Rome.

There is nowhere in these Scriptures any indication that Rome will ever be replaced. In fact Rome was the dual world power consisting from two legs or two parts as history clearly indicates . You have Western Roman Empire that came to an end in 476 AD and the Eastern Roman Empire that came to an end in 1453 AD with the fall of Constantinoupole in the hands of the Ottoman Empire. It is there in black and white in all history books no one disagrees with that only the crazy people in the writing department of the Watchtower who still perpetuates this nonsense because they have a good reason. You see for over a century the Watchtower has tied itself up in the 1914 date, that Jesus began reigning invisibly then according to Charles Taze Russell and since Russell was the one who came up with the date he was also the one to come up with the Anglo-American World Power nonsense since it fitted nicely with the rest of his prophetic predictions.But the fact remains the Bible is clear , the Roman empire never went away , yes in history books both parts ceased to exist but in Daniel's prophesy this Empire will be here until the End. The prophet never said that another Empire will succeed the Roman Empire. The legs with its toes being one part will be here till the very End.

This realisation has given rise to the concept of the Revived Roman empire which is accept by many ml Bible scholars today. According to the well known Christian website :"The term Revived Roman Empire (which is not used in Scripture) refers to a powerful government predicted in biblical prophecy. This regime will rise to power and dominate the world during the end times"So you see this is the same Roman Empire only revived to its final form ,it is not the Anglo-American world power. Think of it this way, Jesus is coming back to finish what He started 2000 years and so all major players will have to be revived and come back into life for end time prophesies to take place. The nation of Israel was destroyed in 70 AD but it back it revived into existence in 1948 and so is the Roman Empire that was the power in control of the world in Jesus times it will too come back or revived during the Last Days but is not coming back as Anglo-American World Power it is coming back as a confederation of 10 kings. Who are these kings? When will the appear ? And more importantly what will become of the United Kingdom and the United States as nations during that time.

Join me next time as I expand on this new series of articles "Wachtower on Prophesy" that deal with prophesy through the eyes of the Watchtower.

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