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The appeal to emotion falacy

In the latest JW Broadcasting of Feb 24 we are treated to an experience of an apostate Bible Study , see how the Watchtower speaker is manipulating this expierience to promote Watchtower propaganda that all apostates are liars and deceivers but see how this speaker is using a well know tactic ,the appeal to emotion ,to convince you.

The appeal to emotion fallacy is often used in daily life, mainly because it is so effective. It is a fallacy because a proper logical argument uses reason, evidence, or facts to show that it is correct. The fallacy is so effective because emotions play a very significant role in human life. It can override our ability or desire to analyze an argument. As a result, we often come to a conclusion based solely on how the argument made us feel, and not if it was a good, logical argument.

In this case of the apostate Bible Study notice how, the title of the book or the author are not mentioned, the arguments put forward by the opposing side are not mentioned and no logical argument is put forward during that exchange to support Warchtower's claims. This is the well known fallacy called APPEAL TO EMOTION used by politicians and advertisers that is used as a way to make people accept a lie or purchase a product they don't need.

With out further ado let's hear it from the Watchtower’s mouth, enjoy this cretin using propaganda techniques to deceive you...

By the way the Watchtower has published an article on 5 Common fallacies that they use all the time and how to avoid them, I have included the link below, I know it is unbelievable

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