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The Domino Effect:Norway, Sweden,Ireland


Not only the government has began the process of refusing funding to the Jehovah's Witnesses which is about 1.5 million of free dollars a year due to their harsh shunning practices but now the government is taking them to task about their data collection processes.

The Data Inspectorate has received several complaints and tips regarding the processing of personal data by Jehovah's Witnesses .

Complaints are that Jehovah's Witnesses store personal information illegally, that personal information is not fully disclosed, or that personal information is not deleted in accordance with privacy regulations.

Some say that they have been involved in so-called "judicial committees" for various reasons, but usually related to sexual misdemeanours. As we know notes are been taken during those sessions, and complainants react to or are concerned that information about their sexual misdeeds is being stored.

Now this is against Norwegian law for data protection.So the Norwegian government is well and truly after them in many different fronts Although the Watchtower is fighting in court the ruling against the restriction of charitable funds let's hope they loose the appeal and loose another cash cow and free easy access to tax payers money.


I made a video about Sweden about a month ago.Sweden as well as Norway have the same charitable status.They give state funds to religious organisations if these organisations are working for the greater good of the community but for years Sweden has given the money to all religious organizations but Jehovah's Witnesses.In 2019 the Watchtower won their claim to this money and also were awarded all the money that they hadn't received till 2007.Actually there was an news item on back in 2019 were they were celebrating this legal victory. But the Swedish goverment is considering again withholding funds, influenced by the Norwegian government and the the activism of Swedish exjws

I received only few weeks ago the following update from a Swedish exjw ,she had this to say:

"I watched your video this morning(=That is the video I did few weeks ago on Sweden), you had most of the issue covered. The thing is, growing up I remember how the Watchtower proudly said "we don't want the money", you know, because of the "not being part of the world" thing. But for 12 years or so now they've been fighting in court to get the money, so I guess they changed their minds. There was a program on television about this on Wednesday, the 23rd of February. They interviewed 44 disfellowshipped ex Jehovah's witnesses. Some talked about the blood issue, some about how homosexuality is not accepted by the WATCHTOWER. The reporter talked about 4 issues with JW that don't match the criteria for getting the money. There is a "democracy clause" that says that the state subsidy only "can be given to religious communities that contribute to uphold and strengthen the basic values our society is built on". The four things the reporter talks about that don't match this is are: 1) they don't accept blood transfusions, not even for kids (but in Sweden, if the doctors decide a blood transfusion is needed for the survival of a minor, then the social services take custody of the child for as long as treatment is needed, then they give custody back to the parents). 2) they can't vote/take a stand in political issues. 3) Homosexuality is considered wrong 4) equality between sexes. JW say "woman is in submission to her husband". In Sweden equality is important.

So thats where things at the moment in Sweden ,the grounds are set again for the Swedish government to withholding funding next year and let's hope the carry that through especially now their neighbours Norway are clearly taking the lead.


I want to point out to a new way of fighting the Watchtower and that is by using your country's CENSUS ,that most countries contact every 4 to 8 years ,it is the national demographic service that takes a census of each person in the country concerning their age,nationality, gender,religion etc.Under the question of what is your religion make sure to fill the box as EX Jehovah's Witness.If many of us do that we are sure to attract attention as potential minority and we can get governmental attention and media attention. The reason I mention this is because Ireland's census is next Wednsday the 5th April. I want to make special mention to Jason Waynne who is a brilliant exjw activist and his website who came up with this idea.The more exJWs listed, the greater likelihood that we'll get recognised and can draw attention to the discrimination we face every day.

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