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The Governing Body member that had a nervous breakdown

From Watchtower Life story- Please note the pressure put on him at Bethel}

In 1934 Karl Klien had a nervous breakdown while serving at Bethel. Why? Baptized at 12 he didn't go door to door till he was 18...while serving as a teenage Elder! Is life at Bethel that hard. Karl explains: "Rutherford...even though he REPEATEDLY had occasion to REPROVE me for breaking some rule. I remember one time when he gave me a BLUNT REPROOF. The next time he saw me, he cheerily said "Hello Karl." But, because of still feeling hurt I just muttered a greeting. He said "Karl watch out! The Devil is after you!" Embarrased I replied ;"Oh, there's nothing Brother Rutherford." But he knew better so repeated his warning, "That's all right...just watch out. The Devil is after you." {Rutherford mind games}

Were things better with President Knorr? 1950 Brother Knorr invited join the Writting Department. When I told him it did not matter where I served, HE REPROVED ME saying when an added privlege of service is extended we should be eager to accept it. {take it or else} attitude was due to my precarious health,{nervous breakdown} which had always been a problem...Knorr was a few months older than I was, we were like Brothers- with the older brother {Knorr} being prone to express impatients with the younger ones shortcomings."

"In 1974 I was invited to become a member of the Governing Body...I NEEDED ENCOURAGEMENT TO ACCEPT IT."

He goes on to say Fredrick Franz "encouraged" him to accept and he did. Lots of pressure at Bethel to "do the right thing.

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