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Toddlers for Publishers

In its most recent Celeb and Sophia video the Watchtower explains what it takes for a toddler to become an unbaptised publisher, this is ar a time where the Watchtower is facing extreme criticism in Norway on the way they disfewllowship young ones and then drive them away from their families. You would expect at a critical time like this when they are about to loose their registration in Norway that they would dial down any kind of material on their website about indoctrinating and weaponizing children at such a young age. This video is also wrong in so many other different levels. If anything they make a mockery of they main tenets of Christian faith and traditions by elevating prime school age children to the position of evangelisers. The Bible is quite clear on who qualifies to preach and teach, only adults. This is another way to denigrate Christian values and make a mockery of the position of evangelizer. That only make sense if you realise that the people behind the Watchtower are not Christian. The Bible warns in Isaiah 3:4:"I will make boys their princes(=or teachers), And the unstable will rule over them." We witness the fulfilment of this verse in every layer of society today as well as the Jehovah's Witnesses today. This is part of a wider plan put in place by Mark Sanderson and his friends in Warwick to lower the age for qualification for positions of authority in every part of the organization with recent example the internal Memo to all elders to also promote in position of elder men as young as in their early twenties. That might be a reasonable to stop the bleeding in numbers but it will come back to bite them. In the main time enjoy your time at the Kingdom Hall where now toddlers will be explaining the Bible to you from the platform.

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