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Updated: Feb 25, 2023


Anthony M III is no Ray Franz. AMIII has always come across as bigoted and narrow minded.Comparing TOMO to Ray Franz is like comparing apples to oranges. Ray was a scholar and a genuine human being. Anthony Morris is a self serving individual.

When it was announced that Morris would visit Italy, there was great excitement and the devoted were hoping to get some great comfort from this man of God. In stead all they got was a long tongue lashing, regarding tight pants and higher education . Many in the audience were put off and greatly disgusted by this hostile talk. This is one of the many examples of how unpalatable was Tony Morris.


There's a strong possibility TM took this decision himself. I know few of you will disagree, but there's a chance. He's the only father on the GB Is it possible all this CSA scandals have finally gotten to him? Unlike other GB members, he has not commented on it, has he?Interesting, this could indeed be a possibility. He was very judgmental in his way of teaching and perhaps he hit a point where he could no longer rationalize some of the things he's seen and thus, started to judge his own group, religion, including himself. This has happened to many zealots in the past, why not TM?


TM has given so many talks that have been over the top shortly after the JW broadcasting started. They have tried to reign him in over the years or come to agreements to cover over things or did their best to ensure there was some damage control.For instance, his tight pants talk was ridiculous but somehow it made it to the Watchtower sometime later and was watered down. They supported his stupid outrageous on clothing but put a different spin to it.I would think they've had a very difficult time dealing with his eccentric behaviour, either to minimise it or placate many JWs writing in or Bethelite's murmuring about it.

It may have just reached a peak where they can no longer work with him, he has a mental disorder where he can no longer be reasoned with on a satisfactory level.I wouldn't be surprised if he had anger issues or was extremely stubborn. If he has a drinking problem this type of behaviour isn't unexpected. It could be that the only option was to remove him and he has taken this really badly. It would follow that they sympathised with his family and not him as his behaviour doesn't warrant it as he doesn't see anything wrong with it and doesn't intend on changing.


Considering what has happened the last few months in the state of Pensylvania with regards to the elders being on an 'information hold' and that many elders in that state are under subpoena as well as otherstates it is possible that the GB as a group or TM as a person are becoming legally liable to this case.

If TM is somehow legally liable and the Borg is trying to distance themselves from legal hot water, of course they will try to throw him off the bus before things get any worse.

I'm not so sure about this scenario though,they can avoid liability by cutting him loose, especially if they did it just as an investigation is starting. Nor would it work very well for them to try and paint him as a lone-wolf, when he was part of a group that presents an image as a unified body of men working under the direct guidance of the Holy Spirit.Anything they could do to try and distance themselves from him really wouldn't work at this late stage


TM has been plagued for years as being an alcoholic, the now infamous "bottlegate" incident where he was filmed buying a crate of whisky bottles at a liquor in early hours didnt help his case either. On the platform he displays all the symptoms of an alcoholic, sluring his words regularly as if he had something to drink beforehand. Considering that chronic alcoholics suffer from mood swings and short tempers I dont think he was easy to be around GB meetings and all this has finally caught up with him.


Tony Morris departure is not accidental it coincides with the 2 NEW governing body members being brought in only last month. I believe Mark Sanderson who sees himself as the new Nathan Knorr is moving the strings behind the scenes. In the same way Nathan Knorr oversaw the massive changes after the embarrassing reign of Judge Rutherford so it is now. Mark Sanderdon wants to see off the old guard, Tony,Lett and Sam that are 3 embarrassing fools that have damaged the organisation the past 20 years with the mishandling of pedophilia cases and the demise of the religious to nothing more but a very toxic brand

Anyways thats few of my thoughts , what do you think?

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