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The Christmas Song: Is this the return to pre-1926 Christmas celebrations?

So the latest announcement on jw org is that there will be a new original song ready for the millions of jws to sing in the upcoming 2024 Convention and it is entitled "Good News". Which is a very deceiving title since it has nothing to do with the good news jws are used to and more to do with Christmas .It should have been more accurately title " THE JW CHRISTMAS SONG" because for all intense and purposes it resembles a nativity song or a Christmas carol and not a song that jws are used to sing in their meetings. If you stick till the end of this video I will include also the full song with the lyrics.

Now before heading down the shops stocking for a Christmas tree and all festive decorations associated with this celebration there is a good chance the Watchtower will reintroduce a Christmas date and celebration jw style but in the traditional way.

In actual fact I always wondered why Jws do not celebrate Christmas on the right day which is in October and not the 25th of December which is the date of birth of a pagan god. This way they can kill 2 birds with one stone, create a happy occasion for all jws around the world instead of the only morbid celebration of the Memorial and on the other hand have a date that they can point to the world "here you see we celebrate the Lord's on the correct date!" .I find nothing wrong with that and that would be a brilliant move from the Governing Body to bring more joy and happiness to the millions of jws and show to the world that "yes we follow the example of first Christians and not pagans."

If that comes to be I will expect some acknowledgement and maybe a place at the round table of the "anointed ones" in New York.

What I see with all these recent changes is a return to pre-Rutherford days when jws were allowed to grow beards, do ministry without recording time and celebrate Christmas and of course without realising it slowly but surely jws are returning to their original identity of the Biible Sudents era when they were still allowed to have some freedom and fun. Can I then expect also a return to pyramidology, worship of angels and other weird stuff Russelites used to believe?

If you read the Proclaimers book which is the official sanitized version of the history of the Jehovah's Witnesses you will find that Jehovah's Witnesses used to celebrate Christmas up to 1926, the following photo is from the last Christmas Jehovahs Witnesses celebrated with Frederick Frantz and Hensel and other top officials present. The Proclaimers book had this to say in page 198

"When Jehovah's Witnesses cast aside religious teachings that had pagan roots, they also quit sharing in many customs that were similarly tainted. But for a time, certain holidays were not given the careful scrutiny that they needed. One of these was Christmas."

So these is all going out of the window now and we are about to witness the return of a pagan celebration in jw colours.What do you think? Will you celebrate Christmas if the Watchtower asks you too? How far will you go to adhere to what Mark Sanderson and the rest of the governing body are asking you now to do?

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