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Upcoming CHANGES to ministry and oversight

This is a followup article to the " 10 year plan to change the Watchtower" which I did over 3 weeks ago. Now the same whistleblower who gave us in advance all the changes in disfellowshipping that were announced by Mark Sanderson only few days ago has come out with more revelations on this plan which I will cover in detail in the next few articles.

In this article we cover the changes and elders arrangement.

Our whistleblower reports :

"Whether the Governing Body does decide to apply this exhaustive agenda to rebrand the Organization based upon my inside sources, all I can confirm is that this Organization is not run by Holy Spirit, and it is a corporate real estate business. Why can I say this? Because in none of these instances are there any changes coming regarding construction of Kingdom Halls and other projects. To Watchtower, these things will always be and will last forever.(= in other words do not expect the real estate part of the organisation to end anytime soon, this is their bread and butter in turning properties and making a hefty profit, do not expect that to end anytime soon, like the door of Noah's Ark the building of Kingdom Halls or selling of Kingdom Halls will carry on regardless)

Mark my words, the bridge is coming down, and it's crumbling more quickly than it ever has done. Whether you choose to remain a JW or not, it won't matter either way, because your religion (or former religion) will be a completely different religion in the next 10 years.

So here is what to be expected in the ministry :


The necessity for Territory Servants will be gone, and maps for door to door ministry will end within the next few years. It will depend upon the conscience of each Christian taking the lead in ministry groups which street to cover and how many houses they will work. Additionally, informal witnessing at the workplace or other places will be strongly encouraged. Public Witnessing carts will also come to their end by 2034.


In the next few years these changes will take place.Bodies of Elders will be reviewed periodically by Circuit Overseers. The CO will have to power to remove any elder who doesn't meet Bible standards. Elders will no longer meet for the "quarterly" to recommend appointments, rather Circuit Overseers will recommend the appointments to the elder bodies. If the elder bodies have a disagreement over an appointment, they can discuss this with the CO. Only if the person concerned is engaged in questionable activities, then a CO may retract his suggestion and offer advice personally to the individual who was considered for appointment. However, most brothers will now be considered for being appointed as elders or ministerial servants, regardless of their personalities. The only reasons why they would not be considered are for: severe mental issues or promoting a superior or disagreeing attitude. If this method works, Circuit Overseers will carry on indefinitely, with no change once in every 3 years. The term "travelling overseers" will no longer apply to them.

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Just because this person at Bethel got some things right about the beards, it does NOT MEAN, that he's TRYING TO CREAT A RUMOR ON HIS OWN in order to make everyone believe this is all real. So do NOT be so easy gullible to believe EVERYTHING HE'S CLAIMING TO BE SUPPOSEDLY TRUE.

Replying to

Why? They didn't just got the beards right but the disfellowshipping too, what do you have to gain by not being true?


Where is the EVIDENCE to these so-called claims, from these articles?

Replying to

This is from a whistleblower from the Headquarters they are no newspaper articles

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