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Update on Japan: New Survey reveals disturbing chronic abuse cases within the organization

The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, commonly known as Jehovah's Witnesses, is a new Christian religion with over 8.6 million members worldwide and over 200,000 members in Japan.

 In November of this year, the JW (Jehovah's Witnesses) Child Abuse Victim Archive, which is made up of former second-generation Jehovah's Witnesses, released a survey of its members and former members. It was on the 28th.

 According to the organization, the survey was conducted via social media starting in July. Reports of damage were compiled in three areas: ``sexual violence by believers,'' ``being forced to confess my sexual experience,'' and ``being forced to see or hear sexual expressions at meetings or in publications.'' A certified psychologist also conducted interviews with 11 of the men and women who complained of victimization.

218 cases of sexual abuse revealed

 A published survey revealed that 159 people had been victims of 218 cases of sexual abuse. On the day of the announcement, the group submitted a written request to the Children and Families Agency, etc., demanding immediate action from the cult.

 Prime Minister Fumio Kishida also responded to this. At the House of Representatives Budget Committee on November 22nd, he stated, ``Even if there is a background of religious belief, this is absolutely unacceptable,'' and pointed out that, like the Unification Church, it was a malicious act that used religion as a cover. .

In fact, the editorial department of Weekly Bunshun has been receiving information about the inner workings of the cult from second-generation Jehovah's Witnesses for some time.

 This time, ``Weekly Bunshun'' once again spoke to several former believers and related parties. What emerged from the multiple testimonies was the reality of Jehovah's Witnesses, which had been hidden until now.

 Among the ``damages'' they complain about, the most prominent is sexual assault by people affiliated with the cult.

 Miki Nakajima (30s) was once a believer in Jehovah, but her mother joined the church when she was 3 years old. She herself was taken to evangelism activities called field service almost every day when she was around 4 years old, and from around 9 years old she assumed the position of ``evangelist'' within the church.

 Nakajima was sexually assaulted when she was 9 years old.

"Press your elbow firmly against my chest..."

``There was a male believer in the same area who was 7 or 8 years older than me, and I adored him as if he were part of my own family.He was like an older brother and a father figure to me. He also came to our home as a tutor."

 Jehovah's Witnesses place extremely strict restrictions on relationships between men and women. Premarital sex, where unmarried men and women have physical relations, is prohibited, and romantic relationships with non-believers are also not allowed. However, older believers do something incredible.

"He pressed his elbow against my chest.Even at the age of 9, I knew what it was like to have my chest touched.I remember having my older brother do something like that to me, whom I adored. I remember being really shocked."

That wasn't all.

``One time, he forced me to straddle a pole that looked like an iron pipe and rub my crotch.When I was younger, I didn't really understand what he was trying to do, so I did as he told me, and he said, ``It feels good.'' ?’ they ask.”

 When Nakajima was a believer, he was unable to complain about such damage.

 When we asked the public relations department of the Japan branch of Jehovah's Witnesses about their views on Nakajima's victimization and sexual abuse, they said, ``Jehovah's Witnesses view sexual abuse as a serious sin,'' and the main responses were as follows: .

“While we do not comment on cases whose authenticity has not been confirmed, the elders of Jehovah's Witness congregations (facilitators of local groups) will contact child welfare centers if they hear of complaints or reports of child abuse. We will report the

 The darkness of Jehovah is gradually revealed through the testimonies of former believers. However, this was not the only damage. `` Weekly Bunshun Electronic Edition '' will be distributing a series entitled ``Truth Pursuit Campaign His Darkness of Jehovah's Witnesses''. In addition to the more detailed contents of Nakajima's confession, we plan to report in detail the reality of Jehovah's Witnesses as revealed through testimonies from former members and related parties.

"Weekly Bunshun" is seeking information about "Jehovah's Witnesses." Please send information to Bunshun Leaks.

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