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Urgent call for ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses to submit evidence to Charities Services

Updated: Mar 14

Now, Kia Ora, a New Zealander exjw that has been involved in this enquiry from the beginning has posted an Urgent call for all exjws in the country to submit evidence to Charities Services and has asked everyone to share this message which im happy to do here.

This is the message: "A complaint has been raised by an ex-Jehovah’s Witness whistleblower with New Zealand’s Charities Services.Former Jehovah’s Witnesses have until Wednesday 19 March to have their evidence included in the complaint against Jehovah's Witnesses charities in New Zealand, 'Christian Congregation Of Jehovah's Witnesses Of New Zealand' (CC36365), and all 'Congregations of Jehovah's Witnesses'.

The ccomplaints need to relate to alleged harms and unlawful activities which include the following areas:

  1. child sexual abuse

  2. high incidence of domestic violence

  3. high incidence of poverty

  4. legal entity switching and phoenixing

  5. low education rates

  6. modern slavery

  7. shunning

This complaint follows on from similar complaints raised elsewhere.

If you want to submit evidence to support any of these allegations, you can email ( I will include the email addresses on my website, the link provided below)

Under the Charities Act 2005, serious wrongdoing includes the corrupt use of charitable funds, conduct that amounts to an offence, oppressive or improperly discriminatory conduct, gross negligence, and gross mismanagement.

We encourage anyone that has evidence that can support the complaint to email Charities Services today.

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