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Unveiling the Secret: How JW Elders Outsmart Judicial Committees and why you should too!

Updated: May 27, 2023

This is a new series of articles where I dig deep in the policies of the Watchtower and reveal loopholes ,corruption and meritocracy when it comes to treating publishers in the congregation. Join me by subscribing and sharing these articles with others.

The following is an excerpt from the New Shepherding the Flock book released to the elders with release date April 2023 and it has this to say regarding judicial committees and how to avoid them, in fact if you are in need to postpone any measures against you indefinitely this is a loophole you can effectively use to your advantage :

"In judicial cases in which the accused threatens suicide, it may be best for the committee to suspend the hearing to focus on

helping him regain his balance. (See 12:80.) They should assure him of the committee’s desire to help him and then should broach

the subject of depression and suicide, using the Scriptures and Bible-based publications. (Prov. 3:11, 12; 4:13; Heb. 12:5, 6, 11-

13) Depending upon his emotional state, it may be best to do this a day or two later. The elders can prepare by reviewing arti￾cles that will help them deal sensitively with the depressed indi￾vidual. (g 4/14 pp. 6-9) The judicial committee should avoid un￾necessarily prolonging the case, as this can cause undue stress for the accused. The judicial committee should communicate withthe Service Department if there are questions about a certain case."

So as you can see within the intricate structure of Jehovah's Witnesses, lies a deeply flawed judicial system. This system, allegedly designed to address internal matters, is riddled with corruption and serves as a means for elders and their immediate families to exploit the vulnerability of others for personal gain. No one disputes that depression and mental illness are a real thing from which many jws suffer nevertheless this hidden loophole surrounding fainting depression or suicidal thoughts in the judicial process sheds light on the unfair advantages enjoyed by the select few, raising concerns about the integrity and fairness of the entire system.

When an accused individual threatens suicide, the judicial committee is instructed to suspend the hearing under the pretext of offering support and assistance. However when used by elders this loophole to benefit them and their immediate family instead of genuinely addressing the accused's mental health concerns offers a very useful hiatus and stalling of the judicial committee in sone times indefinetely. I know that from personal experience. I know of at least 3 sisters in my congregation that were disfewllowshiped on the pretext of different grades of sexual misdemeanours. But when an elder's daughter faced immediate disfewllowshiping for similar reasons she developed an overnight mental health crisis that terminated the judicial proceedings against her and still to this day she enjoys the status of a jw without any punishment or measures against her while working as a bartender in a nightclub.

So unbeknown to you the average publisher the elders can strategically employ secret inside knowledge from the Shepherd the Flock of God book to stall indefinitely and in effect terminate any judiciary against them or their families using "mental health issues" as the reason.

The exploitation of the fainting depression or suicidal thoughts loophole demonstrates how the judicial committee manipulates vulnerable individuals and their genuine emotional distress. This deceptive tactic grants the committee greater control over the proceedings, affording them the opportunity to exert undue influence and avoid addressing the initial allegations. The consequences of this manipulation are borne not only by the accused but also by the affected families, who witness the toll it takes on their loved ones.

While the congregation remains unaware of this loophole, the privileged few within the elder's families hold exclusive knowledge of this corrupt practice. They benefit from this information by evading or delaying the judicial committee process, shielding themselves from the consequences of their actions. This unfair advantage exacerbates the power dynamics within the organization, with the elder's families exploiting their positions for personal gain while the rest of the congregation remains oblivious to the corruption that exists at the core of the judicial system.

The exploitation of the fainting depression or suicidal thoughts loophole unveils the deeply entrenched corruption within the Jehovah's Witnesses' judicial system. It necessitates a call for accountability and change to restore fairness and justice. Transparent guidelines must be established to prevent the abuse of vulnerable individuals and to ensure the proper handling of mental health concerns. The organization must invest in comprehensive training and resources for all committee members, ensuring their impartiality and equipping them to navigate these complex situations without personal bias.

In conclusion,the corrupt judicial system within Jehovah's Witnesses, exemplified by the exploitation of the fainting depression or suicidal thoughts loophole, reveals an alarming reality. Elders and their immediate f families benefit keeping their families together whereas you destroy your family by distancing yourself from your disfellowshipped son or daughter simply because you don't have access to this get out of gail privy card.

It is imperative for the organization to acknowledge and address this corruption, implementing reforms that prioritize justice, transparency, and accountability. Only then can Jehovah's Witnesses truly uphold the values they profess and restore the trust of their members.

This is the first of my new series of articles:

"UN-Shepherding the Flock of God" where are delve deep in the practices of the Watchtower and the real meaning of these practices as presented in the Shepherding the Flock book.

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