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What do FREEMASONS know about JEHOVAH

The following is part of the book of "Morals and Dogma" by Albert Pike published in 1871 and it is one of the most influential Masonic books ever published,Albert Pike being an American Freemason. The book first was introduced there and became very popular amongst Freemasons.The date is also crucial because it predates the Watchtower by only a few years , Charles Taze Russell started printing his magazine in 1879 and it would have been impossible for him to have missed or not come across "Morals and Dogma" and in fact when you read through Albert Pikes explanation of the name and the Deity behind the name Jehovah you realise how many similarities are there between the two religions, Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasons,if you can call Freemasonry a religion.So it is a case of who came first the chicken or the egg and in my opinion the mother chicken, Freemasonry, was there well and truly from the begining providing all the tools for Charles Taze Russell to start building his disturbing version of Christianity.

So Albert Pike, the most celebrated Freemason had this to say about Jehovah and the divine name, now you have to understand that he didn't come up with this stuff in 1871, this has been the Freemasons position on the name Jehovah for centuries, Albert Pike just put these beliefs in printed form:

 It is certain that the word (=Jehovah) which the Hebrews are not now permitted to pronounce was in common use by Abraham, Lot, Isaac, Jacob, Laban, Rebecca, and even among tribes foreign to the Hebrews, before the time of Moses; and that it recurs a hundred times in the lyrical effusions of David and other Hebrew poets. We know that for many centuries the Hebrews have been forbidden to pronounce the Sacred Name; that wherever it occurs, they have for ages read the word Adonaï instead; and that under it, when the masoretic points, which represent the vowels, came to be used, they placed those which belonged to the latter word.

This is crucial because it validates the fact that Freemasons including Charles Taze Russell knew for a FACT Jehovah is not God's name ,they knew that Jehovah is just an amalgamation of vowels of Adonai and the consonants of the Tetragramaton. It was common knowledge amongst Freemasons prior to 1871 that not only Jehovah IS NOT God's name but it was created for the sole purpose of stopping people pronouncing God's REAL name.I will let that sink in for a moment. Being in full knowledge of these facts makes you think what Russell's true intentions were for creating Jehovah's Witnesses as a religion in the first place because as sure as hell it was not for promoting the divine name.Many have tried to make the case over the years the Russell was not a Mason or if he was he was very poorly educated in the Masonic doctrines but this is not the case , in fact if you spend some time reading his writings you realise that the exact opposite is true.He was so thoroughly versed in Freemasonry that he was trying to create a cross bread between Christianity and Freemasonry, and thats what i think his true intentions were to take Freemasonry to its next level of infiltration of the Christian faith, he was an apostate for the Freemasons but Russell saw himself as the next Albert Pike,unfortunately that didn't work out for him and he ultimately paid the price but i wont fet into this now maybe another time, this the subject for another video, now let's get back to what the Freemasons know about the name Jehovah.Albert Pike continues:

The possession of the true pronunciation was deemed to confer on him who had it extraordinary and supernatural powers; and the Word itself, worn upon the person, was regarded as an amulet, a protection against personal danger, sickness, and evil spirits. We know that all this was a vain superstition, natural to a rude people, necessarily disappearing as the intellect of man became enlightened; and wholly unworthy of a Mason.

How many times have you read in the magazines that God's name posseses special powers

*** w66 12/15 pp. 743-744 Repelling the Attack of Wicked Spirits ***

Finally, it has been found that many under demon attack are not “vigilant with a view to prayers.” (1 Pet. 4:7) They are not carrying on prayer “on every occasion in spirit.” (Eph. 6:18; Rom. 12:12) Pray for God’s deliverance, even out loud if under attack, calling upon Jehovah’s name. (Ps. 121:1-3) Avoid anything that would destroy your faith, your righteousness, your service to God, your hope. Keep on your suit of armor." Jehovah's Witnesses are being indoctrinated to treat the name Jehovah as Albert Pike said as an amulet as protection against evil spirits, and Chuck Russell was in full understanding of the fact that thims was nothing more than a vain superstition, natural to a rude people, necessarily disappearing as the intellect of man became enlightened; and wholly unworthy of a Mason." If this is the case it makes wonder what Russell was trying to achieve? Misdirecting Christians to rely on superstition and reducing themselves to crude, lower intellect people.

So the point I'm trying to make by reading these 2 paragraphs from the "Morals and Dogma" is that Freemasons have always known that Jehovah is not God's name and is used instead of the lost pronunciation of the Tetragramaton now lost in time.

By re-introducing the name Jehovah in the Christian faith Russell's true intentions was to misdirect and divorce Christians from their true heritage which is that we have a better deal. Jesus knew fully well the argument around pronouncing God's name and He gave us a better deal.We don't have to call God Jehovah or Yahweh or Jah in the same you don't call your sad by his first name, Jim or Bob that would be disrespectful if we did that.Infact Jesus told yo pray to God not as "Jehovah in Heavens" but "Father in heavens".This is why Christianity is superior to Judaism or Freemasonry, God is our Father and this is a much better place to be ,but Russell wanted to bring us down to his level because he was working for the dark side.

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