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NEW CHANGES in Flirting, Courting & Divorces

Over the next few months and years, there will be more clarification on "conscience matters".

JWs will in time, be allowed by conscience to wear tattoos or piercings, as long as they do not reflect "extremes" in the world or identify them with the LGBTQ community.

Smoking tobacco and marijuana as well as taking of drugs will still be strongly discouraged, however they will no longer be considered disfellowshipping offences and in most cases reproval will be the goal of judicial committees in these areas.

In time, birthdays will be permissable under certain circumstances if the conscience allows. Weddings to non witnesses will also be no longer "frowned upon", as the suggestion will be given that a Christian woman by union with a respectable man may "win him over" to the "truth".

Also, the Governing Body will issue a statement that different forms of sex within marriage (such as oral and anal) are now permissable, as long as a married couple does not openly talk about sex otherwise they will be counselled by the elders.

Additionally, private consensual intimacy and sex between adults of the opposite sex will be a conscience matter, as long as vaginal sex and pregnancy is not involved and as long as the activities are not broadcast openly to other members of the congregation. If a married person is involved, they must receive permission from their spouse and then respect their mate's decision if they refuse to permit it, otherwise a judicial committee will be formed and repeated attempts will be made to help that one gain "repentance".

Chaperones will no longer be advised for courting couples, and matters of intimacy between them, including kissing, are no longer discouraged, as long as no vaginal intercourse is involved, which would result in disfellowshipping if the woman is discovered to be pregnant.

Blood transfusions will not be considered a conscience matter, in fact it will be back to how it used to be, instead they will reverse their opinions on using transfusion alternatives with blood fractions.

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