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It's all a distraction

Of course it is a distraction. Next year is 2024, ten years from the 2014 year when the Governing Body was having all of Jehovah's...

New Light on Ressurection

If you have not realised it yet, this is one of the most important years in changes in jw theology, it is the year the Watchtower walked...

A pile of ruins

In a world where Joel Dellinger paints a picture of a spiritual utopia with ever-increasing numbers and the replacement of copper with...

The "inner rooms" revealed

This is a follow up article to the Inner rooms of death. According to Isaiah 26:20 God has destined for his people to find safety during...

The "inner rooms" of death

In the latest installment of the Study Edition of the Watchtower, Study Aricle 29 that will be studied later on this year and has the...

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